Creator and COACH of Jabs


I grew up as a competitive figure skater. Even in my peak of skating, I never wanted to be an Olympian. My dream was always to coach, to coach an Olympian. My coach, Liz, was my hero. I loved to skate but was in awe of her career and the impact she was able to have on me through sport

Once I closed out my skating career as the athlete, I began coaching. My skaters were competitive and trained 5-6 days a week with me. I was in college at this time and my skaters came before everything. It got to the point that I was even picking them up from school, squeezing in sessions in between classes, happily waking up after five hours of sleep on Saturday nights to bus down to the South Campus rink for 8 am sessions. It did not matter; teaching was my passion; it was my love.

My focus on motivating others eventually resulted in "letting myself go". This was evident when I graduated college 20-pounds heavier than when I had entered college. To re-focus, I tried a group fitness class, something I was previously very unfamiliar with. After years of being an intense athlete, I can honestly say those 45 minutes [of the group fitness class] were some of the most physically challenging minutes of my life. Yet I felt extremely motivated in this new environment.

I signed up for Equinox, hired a trainer, and 3 months into working out, I lost 15 pounds. I had always viewed "weight loss" as a grueling process but having this experience taught me how a person can reach his or her own goals in a very fun and positive way. I truly enjoyed the ride. But it was a short ride, and I knew I needed a new set of goals because I wasn't done with this fitness thing.

I felt happier, stronger, more confident, and most importantly, I discovered that I had a natural talent for kickboxing. Coincidentally at the time, Equinox was running their nation-wide Prodigy competition where members had the chance to compete to become an instructor. I was so fortunate to have been chosen and started teaching one of their kickboxing formats, as well as HIIT class, a glute-focused class, and a core-focused class.

After a couple months teaching all these different classes, I decided to combine my love for HIIT training, kickboxing, and muscle isolation workouts into a class - called JABS. JABS now has 4 formats, which you can read about on the "Classes" tab. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and read about my journey. Now the focus is on you and the journey we are about to embark on together.