Advanced Jabber


College was a blast. But along the way, I had forgotten some of the things I loved most about my life. I had forgotten that I loved being on a team. I had forgotten that I loved being on the court with my teammates, our attention all together on one goal. We didn’t realize that we were dripping sweat because there was only the objective in front of us. I looked back fondly on those days, accepting that that time in my life was over, and that that kind of thing doesn’t exist after high school. I accepted that my body and my mind had permanently changed. I accepted that my adulthood was not going to include team spirit and victory. Until I didn’t.

I met Gina at Equinox Orchard Street. I joined because I was looking for something that was going to bring me back to loving moving my body. I was enjoying classes, but I knew what I was seeing about jabs on social media was next level. I was nervous to join a jabs class. It looked like I would never be good enough to workout with these women. Watching from the sidelines made me crazy and I wanted in so bad, so I got out of my own way and showed up. I was immediately hooked. Jabs reminded me that I’m a strong athlete. It makes me feel like when I played volleyball in high school. We work as a team. We win as a team. We are all laser focused on hitting each move perfectly and nailing the choreography. The athletic leader in me was finally back. Each jabs class presents a new challenge that sometimes, in the moment, I’m not sure I can achieve; but then I see everyone fighting around me and I know and I can do it, and I want to do it for all of us. The feeling at the end of a jabs class, when you are completely spent and have truly conquered things you didn’t think were possible for yourself, is incomparable. It has overflowed into my day to day life whenever I feel self doubt, or see something as daunting, I’m reminded of how powerful and strong I am and I know I can get through anything. Gina has created a space full of strong, kind, compassionate, hard working fighters that can get each other through anything. I’m grateful to every jabber who has welcomed me with open arms, encouraged me at times when I’ve doubted myself, and HAD SO MUCH FUN while doing it. #ALLIDOISJAB