Private Client and Jabber


For years I’ve had a distant goal of running a marathon, alongside the classic goal of getting “in shape” and losing the 15-20 pounds I put on in college that I never can seem to shed. I’ve been in New York for 4 years & I’ve tried ClassPass, joined 3 different gyms, tried all the trendy workout classes (HIIT classes, all sorts of Pilates, every barre variation, every spin variation etc.) I never found something I genuinely enjoyed. Fast forward to 2019 when I decided to sign up for the NYC Marathon without ever running in a single race (not a half marathon, not even a 5k). I put all spare workout time into running, and quickly became injured as one does. I started physical therapy, where I was told in order to continue training and to be able to run 26.2 miles, I’d need to strengthen pretty much every major muscle group, as my core and leg strength was described as mediocre at best. I started going to the gym to try “strength training” on my own aka doing 2 machines then finishing with a plank and calling it a day. I wasn’t getting any stronger, and wasn’t seeing any of the physical results I wanted either. One day when flipping through Instagram, I happened upon Gina’s page. I quickly sent it to my friend and forced her to go to a Sunday JABS cardio class. After the one class I emailed Gina asking about personal training. I could tell just from that day that she could make the impact on my fitness life that I’ve striving for. She was motivating, but fun, while serious, and clearly someone who wasn’t going to mess around when it came to fitness. She’s also just someone you want to impress. Gina and I often laugh about my first private session with her (which was just on May 2, 2019), about how I left in pure panic telling everyone I know that it was the hardest physical activity I’ve ever done in my life. Which I stand by. I couldn’t move for days, but it switched a flip. I started caring about everything health wise- my diet, sticking to a consistent workout plan, working to get stronger, keeping myself accountable etc. I went from just running, to multiple days of strength training, my personal training sessions, and 1-2 JABS classes a week. The mental shift even has me working out almost daily on vacations (bringing 2 pound weights, resistance bands etc). The physical changes also came as quickly as the mental ones. I dropped 12 pounds in 7 weeks. I had to go down in my bra and shorts size. I also have NEVER been someone with visible abs, or someone that you can tell works out by the looks of them. 6 weeks in and my stomach and arms are way more defined than they’ve ever been in my entire life. I often tell Gina and my friends that she’s a life changer, and it’s the truth. Through these personal training sessions I’ve found how far I can actually push my body, and now when working out alone I don’t feel satisfied until I try my very hardest. We recently have brought back a few of the exercises from our first session, which definitely trigger some PTSD, but an exercise that required 4-5 breaks during the first session (i.e moving mountain climbers around the PROJECT room, or leapfrogs with a dynomax ball), I can now complete easily. Every session is different, with exercises and moves that have clearly been planned out an individualized. She’ll take things i struggle with in JABS classes, or exercises I couldn’t complete in the previous session (i.e: tricky dance moves, seemingly impossibly ab sequences, my jabs& crosses etc.) and work on them with me until I can do it. She’s incredibly patient. She puts up with (and laughs along with me) over the fact that before working with her I had never used battle ropes, never used a weight larger than a 7.5, never done a box jump, etc. Now when I workout alone I incorporate all of these and more into my routine. While my focus with Gina has been personal training, I also have found such a love for the JABS classes. It’s the one class I truly don’t want to end, and I’d go to everyday of the week if I could. A combination of JABS tone and JABS cardio, and the new JABS Abs have created a well rounded workout routine that’s so fun and easy to commit to.