Advanced Jabber


5 years ago I moved to New York to begin my career in public accounting. I’ve learned so much during this time, including that Accounting and a Fit lifestyle don’t easily go hand in hand. For me, the long hours led to excuses, a lack of motivation, and bad habits. A bad breakup 2 years in also didn't help -I spiraled out of control for a little -  partying all the time, drinking and eating excessively and just not caring about anything.

Fast forward to June of 2018 - I went out on a whim and tried a new workout class called Jabs by Gina (didn't know who the heck Gina was though, just went for it), and I will mark this date, June 25, 2018, as the beginning of the next chapter in my life story. It motivated me to stop making excuses and feeling bad about myself.

I bought my first package at PROJECT as the first step and committed to going to Gina every Monday and Sundays when I could. I spoke to my boss and arranged my schedule, so I could make a fit lifestyle work with my work responsibilities. I had to take this into my own hands and MAKE IT WORK because no one was going to do it for me. For the first time in a long time, I was putting myself first, and guess what? It actually worked! JABs combined with RUMBLE, doing Gina's workouts at home, and being more mindful about what I'm putting into my body has completely changed my life physically and mentally. It was the stress relief I needed during busy season. The therapy I needed when dealing with work and personal related issues. The escape I needed when everything seemed a little too much. I’ve also met some great people on this fitness journey. I look forward to every Monday to see the Jabbers. We motivate each other and it’s also just a really fun time! These girls are also there to hold me accountable. We push each other as much as we push ourselves.

None of my pants fit (too big) and I’m down 26 pounds. I still have more to go, but words cannot express my gratitude for Gina because she is the reason for all of this. Gina is not just a great group fitness instructor, she is an amazing person and also someone I consider a friend. I know she is invested in me just as much as I am invested in her. I am proud to say I’m an OG Jabber because I know it’s only going to get bigger and bigger. 

If you take anything from my story, I’ll leave you with this. Remember YOU are the only one who can change YOUR life. Take that chance on a new class. Say YOU CAN OUT LOUD every time a "you can't" thought pops into your head. Or maybe just send that DM you’ve been dying to send because it may be the key to lock a not so great chapter of your life and unlock the start of a beautiful new one.