Advanced Jabber

I’ve always had an on and off relationship with fitness. When I was younger I played softball, and ran track simply because I enjoyed the sport of it, never because they specifically kept me in shape. Throughout college I partied, never thought twice about what I ate and occasionally went to the gym because I knew it was part of living a “healthy lifestyle” – whatever the hell that meant.

It was always the same cycle of becoming super motivated for 3-7 weeks at a time, feeling great, seeing some minor physical changes, then tampering off to feeling lazy, unmotivated and ultimately that “back to square one” feeling again. I would fall off and go back into my lazy bad habits because they were the easier thing to do. This stopped me from keeping myself accountable. This pattern followed me into adulthood, where I found myself 15 pounds overweight and genuinely unhappy. My boyfriend even noticed how sad I would look when I saw myself in the mirror. Poking at my imperfections, wanting a change, but no idea where to find it, because I knew if I wanted to sustain a real change I could not do it alone.

That’s when I discovered JABS. Fun fact, I actually went to the same high school as Gina (her brother and I were in the same grade). My friend mentioned to me that a girl she knew from her skating days started a kick-boxing inspired class; funny enough I told her that I saw on Instagram that a girl from my high school did the same thing. Evidently it happened to be the same person – Gina (clearly this shit was meant to be). We signed up for a JABS x Tone class in November 2018.

I distinctly remember my first JABS class, I barely made it through but by the end of it I knew I had to go back. You could instantly feel the energy in the room was unlike any other workout class I had even taken. Gina took me by storm. Her positivity, support, and determination to know your potential even if you don’t is a true gift. You could tell there was something incredible happening in that studio, and Gina was spearheading the tribe. Even in my first class I could feel the JABS community welcoming me with open arms. I looked up to the front row to help me if I lost my footing and as inspiration to go even harder. If they could do it, I could do it. We were in this thing together. The more classes I attended, I could feel myself improving. I started to get a “jabbing high” in every class after nailing a combo or upping my weights. It truly is a team practice every time I JAB, even to this day. Now I am part of that front line (to the far right by the window though, we all have our battle ground. The only place you’ll find me in a JABS class).

Discovering JABS has been one of the biggest blessings of 2019 for me. When I had a horrible day at my job (working in fashion PR and at the time was a huge mental burden on me), I knew I had JABS on Monday nights to make me feel better. I also found a coach that believed in me when I didn’t. My fitness journey is still just that – a journey. I’m not done, not even close. This is just the beginning. I finally found a workout that I not only felt excited to go to, but was showing results as well. I could physically feel the barriers being broken within my own body and mind. It was no longer the burden of trying to lose weight, I wanted to gain strength. Mind you in January 2019 I could not do a single push up. JABS x Tone and Advanced JABS had me pushing myself to do things I would never have ever thought I could do alone in a gym. Once I made the transition from wanting physical changes to performance based changes, my fitness transformed AGAIN. The personal attention Gina brings to each and every person who steps into her class is unlike anything I’ve seen before in other group fitness setting. She cares about your performance, development and will do what it takes to get you to your goals and beyond. That’s some next level, jabby magic. I have no idea how she does it, but its part of what makes JABS so incredibly special. Through the ups and downs, hitting the plateaus, and being unsure of what my own body can accomplish, Gina has pushed me to be a better version of myself. Gina and JABS taught me accountability. Skipping a Monday night or sleeping through a 6:30 class was just not acceptable anymore because I wasn’t just selling myself short – I was selling my team short. I was missing out on an opportunity to make myself stronger, and make the team stronger too. Her leadership and support throughout this journey is what has made JABS stick with me, helped me to lose those 15 pounds (and 6 sizes down from a size 10 to a 4), and allowed me to make that change to truly love and appreciate myself in a way I never thought was possible.